Liquid Seal Tyre Saver

FlowCentric Mining work extensively with organisations in the Mining, Construction, and Agricultural industries. It is this experience that emphasised just how critical tyre protection is to the productivity and profitability of these industries.

Which is why we believe that the Liquid Seal range is a must for any company interested in saving money and improving operations.

Liquid Seal Tyre Saver is a glycol-based product which coats the inside of operational tyres. When the tyre is punctured, the escaping air carries the sealant to the puncture. The liquid portion of the sealant escapes and the fibres build-up and intertwine to form a flexible plug preventing air from escaping.

When properly applied, Liquid Seal Tyre Saver does not affect the wheel balancing of a vehicle, even after being stationary for a prolonged period. The product contains a special anti-corrosion formula to prevent rust on the tyre’s steel belt and on the inside of the wheel rims. Additionally, Liquid Seal Tyre Saver contains cooling agents which reduce the running temperature of the tyres containing the product, thereby increasing the lifespan of the tyre.

About The Range

Developed and manufactured in South Africa the liquid tyre sealant, Liquid Seal Tyre Saver, offers affordable, effective tyre protection for vehicles used in mining, construction, and agriculture.

Liquid Seal Tyre Saver:

  • seals penetrations permanently.
  • seals bead, porosity, and pinhole leaks.
  • delivers cooler operating temperatures.
  • protects the casing of the tyre.
  • seals sidewall penetrations.
  • helps to maintain constant tyre pressure.
  • improves fuel consumption.
  • reduces the risk of blowouts.

Liquid Seal has been independently tested under the harshest conditions of extreme heat and cold.

Used in slow-moving heavy vehicles

Liquid Seal SP3000

Liquid Seal SP3000 was specially formulated for pneumatic tyres fitted to slow-moving heavy vehicles.

Its excellent sealing abilities offer long-term protection against punctures in vehicle tyres that do not exceed speeds of 80 km/h. Extreme tests have shown Liquid Seal SP3000 continuously seals penetrations by objects up to 50mm on the tyres tread area and 20mm on the side wall.

Liquid Seal SP3000 cools the tyres and maintains constant tyre pressure as it seals any 0-Ring, porosity, breather hole, and bead leaks. SP3000’s advanced chemical formulation prevents heat build-up that could cause tread separations. The SP3000 formulation is so strong it can even be effective when tyres have inner damage, delivering enormous cost savings.

The benefits of Liquid Seal SP3000 are:

  • Seals penetrations from objects up to 50mm on tread area.
  • Seals sidewall cuts up to 20mm long.
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat.
  • Seals 0-Ring, porosity, breather hole, and bead leaks.
Used in the armoured transport and military industries

Liquid Seal SP6000

Liquid Seal SP6000 was specifically designed for use in the armoured transport and military industries.

The special formulation in SP6000 was adapted to create a semi-solid layer of sealant material covering the entire casing, side walls included.

Extreme tests showed that Liquid Seal SP6000 seals tyre punctures for the duration of the tyre’s legal life. Moreover, Liquid Seal SP6000’s chemical composition has a cooling effect on tyres that ensures a longer tyre life.

Liquid Seal SP6000 will seal penetrations from objects up to 15mm wide. More importantly, it has the strength to permanently seal bullet penetrations by firearms as powerful as a 9mm pistols, submachine guns, AK-47 assault rifles and even the 12.7mm heavy machine guns.

The benefits of Liquid Seal SP6000 are:

  • Seal penetrations from objects up to 15mm wide.
  • Seal sidewall penetration caused by powerful firearms, such as 9mm handguns, AK-47 assault rifles and 12.7mm heavy machine guns.
  • Ensure that valuable cargo reaches its destination.
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