Mechanical Wastewater Evaporators

Our evaporators are the perfect addition to your wastewater control strategy, as they enhance evaporation on existing containment ponds and minimise the surface area of new ponds.

The units are efficient, low-cost additions to improve the results of your wastewater evaporation projects.

The high-pressure pump pushes water through the rust resistant polypropylene nozzles to create a fine mist which is then blown into the air by a motorised fan, which is fitted with high density aluminium impellers. Our evaporators are designed for maximum throw and water fracturing, while using the minimum required power.


  • Lower sound levels as a result of high density aluminium impellers.
  • Higher airflow with our improved barrel shape.
  • Can be fixed or oscillate horizontally or vertically.
  • Stainless steel barrels and rust resistant polypropylene nozzles increase units lifespan.
  • Available in 11 KW / 22 KW / 45 KW / 75 KW units.
  • Relatively compact and can be transported to different sites.

Mechanical Wastewater Evaporators in Action

A bird’s-eye view of FlowCentric Mining Technology's 75KW Mechanical Wastewater Evaporators in action at Mbuyelo Coal.

Posted by FlowCentric Mining Technology on Thursday, September 26, 2019

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