Full Service Wastewater Treatment

Mine water treatment is a complex process. The mining industry uses a sizable amount of water for transporting and processing ores, which is commonly sourced from rivers, lakes, or pipelines. Water quality is very important on mine sites, as different processing circuits often require different water quality to achieve desired performance. Additionally, strict quality requirements are imposed by environmental agencies for the discharge and disposal of the water used by the mine.

FlowCentric Mining Technology offer turnkey wastewater solutions to treat mine water safely and improve the mine’s water security.

Services include:

  • Cost effective disposal of toxic industrial wastewater.
  • Neutralisation of acid mine water in the most economical manner.
  • Potable water from acid mine drainage (AMD).
  • Acid pond in-situ neutralisation.
  • Chemical desalination of neutralised mine water.
  • Affordable disposal of brine streams.
  • Selective recovery of valuables from wastewater.
  • Wastewater regeneration and reuse.
  • Process chemicals for reuse and significantly reduce chemical costs.
Metal Removal from Wastewater

Mining and some other industrial waste streams contain high concentrations of metals and sulphate. Elevated sulphate concentrations are normally associated with water from coal mining due to bacterial and chemical oxidation of pyrite (FeS), resulting in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). AMD is formed when the mineral pyrite comes into contact with oxygen and water, producing elevated sulphate, metal and acidity concentrations.

As a result of the high concentrations of dissolved heavy metals and sulphate, these waters may not be discharged into public streams. This presents storage and management cost issues for industries. To solve this issue neutralisation is required, as the process adjusts the pH value to meet the requirements of the different processing units in the wastewater treatment system.

Desalination is an established technique of removing salts from water in order to produce ultrapure, drinking and process water (used for cooling towers, boilers, chillers etc). In addition to fresh water recovery, desalination offers additional benefits by cutting down disposal costs and the potential to recover valuable by-products from the waste stream.

Benefits of our Patented Desalination Method

  • Lowered energy costs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Effectively meet legal disposal requirements.
  • Cut down on municipal fresh water demand.
  • Zero liquid discharge.
  • Elimination of brine/evaporation ponds.
  • Produces potable water.

Wastewater may contain valuable metals such as cobalt, copper, nickel and uranium which companies can reuse or sell once they are removed. The recovery of other saleable products, for example sulphur and calcium carbonate, from typical industrial wastes is also possible.

Namib Mills Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant

Namib Mills (Pty) Ltd recommends FlowCentric Mining Technology for water treatment projects.

Full Service Wastewater Treatment

Namib Mills Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant went into full operation in September 2016. Read the case study to find out more about the project.