The Company

FlowCentric Mining Technology specialises in delivering dust suppression, wastewater evaporation, industrial cleaning liquid, and tyre saver solutions to the mining and construction industries in Africa and Australia. Our team take great pride in crafting solutions that increase productivity, fulfil regulatory compliance requirements, and deliver lasting value for our customers.

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FlowCentric Group Offices South Africa

Leadership and Commitment

Senior management at the company encourage team members to develop their skills, offering exciting growth opportunities within the company.

Whenever possible FlowCentric Mining Technology employs staff from the local communities in which they are operating and up-skill them during their employment.

Staff safety is the first priority and the leadership of FlowCentric Mining Technology understands that safety is primarily about properly educating people. The company invests heavily in ensuring that every member of the team is adequately trained, providing training programmes and monitoring staff progress through regular audits.

Key Personnel

Jacques Wessels: Chief Executive Officer

Experienced business leader with extensive experience addressing various challenges present in the mining industry. He prides himself in leading an innovative team of professionals who work tirelessly to supply effective solutions to a diverse range of business challenges.

Jaco Coetzee: Director Sales and Marketing

Experienced salesperson backed by business acumen, with a thorough knowledge of international sales and mining requirements. He sets high standards for his sales team and is goal driven, while focused on fulfilling his client’s requirements.

Louis Spies: Director Research and Development

Focused on Research and Development striving to constantly find better products to combine with value added services.

Charles Bothma: Director Mining Operations & Logistics

Has the ability to push the delivery of the projects won. His personality ensures that his team members deliver only quality outcomes that are referenceable.