FlowCentric Mining, along with its development partners, has developed next-generation industrial cleaning products to fulfil the needs of industrial clients.

Existing products were simply not powerful enough to fulfil our customer’s cleaning requirements, as are result we developed our own versatile industrial cleaning products. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner was the first to be created and is strong enough to clean most surfaces leaving them clean and fresh smelling. The cleaner can be used on multiple surfaces without the risk of damage or injury.

The popularity and power of our Multi-Purpose Cleaner led to the development of additional cleaners. There are currently 6 products in the range, namely:

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaner: ideal for cleaning workshops as it is powerful, yet suitable for all surfaces.
  2. E-Cleaner: best for light-duty surface cleaning around the office, home and in the kitchen.
  3. Heavy-Duty Cleaner: perfect for cleaning grease off ropes, cables, conveyors, and surfaces where grease builds up over time.
  4. Alu-Cleaner: ideal for cleaning aluminium surfaces like those found in industrial kitchens and workshops.
  5. Hand Cleaner: powerful, pleasantly fragranced moisturising hand cleaner, ideal for removing heavy grease from skin.
  6. Heavy-Duty Bitumen Remover: Environmentally friendly cleaner designed to remove bitumen and road surface stabiliser chemicals from vehicles and surfaces.

Available in 5, 25, 210, 1000 liter containers.

All our cleaners are made from natural products and environmentally friendly chemicals. Our industrial cleaning products have been thoroughly tested and are regularly used in industrial environments like factories, workshops, and mines around South Africa.