Complete Dust Control Solutions

With the support of our experienced team, we offer effective dust control solutions designed to address dust, erosion, and stabilisation problems on haul roads, tailing dams, and other problem areas in the mining and construction industries.

Our tailored dust suppression solutions include:

  • Complete dust control services, specifically engineered to meet the objectives our clients.
  • Dust sampling and recording performed on site, compiled into a detailed report.
  • Monitoring and managing fugitive, respirable, inhalable and total dust levels.
  • Improving the crust and core strength, stability and surface texture of dirt and gravel roads.
  • Implementation and management of eco-friendly chemical dust control solutions.
  • Cost savings and benefits forecast per site.

Request a call and one of our experienced team members will contact you to discuss your dust management requirements.

Watch our dust suppression products and services in action

Agricultural Dust Management

Traffic on a farm normally includes a mix of light and heavy vehicles, each generating dust as the vehicles move around the property on unpaved roads. The dust blown from these roads negatively influences the health of vegetation, agricultural workers, and ultimately the farm’s profits.

If dust control is a problem on your farm and you currently spray water on your dirt roads more than once a day, we can provide you with a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and much longer lasting solution.

While drastically decreasing your dust problems, our solution allows you to save on fuel and water costs by reducing the number of times roads need to be sprayed.

Fog Cannons

Our fog cannons, also known as mist cannons, use highly pressurised water which is pumped through a series of jet nozzles turning the water into mist through atomisation.

The fine mist is dispersed into the air where it captures dust particles and drives them to the ground.

Fog cannons are a good choice for areas where visible dust is a major problem such as mine, demolition, and construction sites. They can also be used to disinfect large areas and infrastructure.


  • Available in a variety of sizes with different throw ranges.
  • Can be fixed or oscillate horizontally or vertically.
  • Entire solution is portable and able to move moved around as dictated by requirements and weather conditions.

Our high-pressure misting canons are also used to treat airborne dust in hard-to-reach places like tips and warehouses.

Dust Misting Systems

Our misting systems optimise production by significantly reducing the downtime caused by excessive dust pollution.

The high-pressure misting systems are used most effectively in areas where water consumption is a concern; the products are moisture sensitive; or there is a concern regarding the chutes and screens becoming clogged.

The systems dissipate small droplets (1-10µm) to form a fine mist curtain which captures the airborne dust released from the chute, screen, or conveyor belt.

The droplet, along with the captured dust, drops the dust back onto the belt resulting in less dust or spillage, and increased production.

The robust design and stainless-steel nozzles deliver a corrosion resistant, industrial strength product.

Product Features

  • Light and mobile.
  • Agile and customisable.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Cost-effective and water efficient.