Introducing FlowCentric Heatshield

FlowCentric Mining Technology, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the mining industry, is delighted to announce the launch of FlowCentric Heatshield TM, a ground-breaking product designed to tackle the persistent and hazardous issue of spontaneous combustion in mining operations.

Automated Wastewater and Dust Management Technology

FlowCentric Mining are leaders in the management of automated wastewater evaporation. Through ongoing research, development, and investment the company has developed cost-effective wastewater and dust management methods that deliver outstanding results.

Roadtech and Road Safety in Wet and Dry Weather

At FlowCentric Mining we regularly check the quality of our environmentally friendly RoadTech products to ensure that roads treated with them are safe for use. In addition to risk assessments and safety datasheets, brake efficiency on treated roads is also monitored.

Importance of Dust Suppression for the Mining Sector

Dust is a problem and has become such a huge risk for mining companies, as the government has introduced regulations forcing companies to deal with the risks that dust brings to the work place.