Looking for alternatives to traditional wastewater management methods?

Automated Wastewater and Dust Management Technology

Wastewater Evaporation

The mining industry generates large volumes of wastewater as a result of its mining operations. Each mine is legally obliged to dispose of these waste streams in an environmentally sound manner.

Traditional treatment plants and the labour force required to correctly manage the waste streams is expensive. These methods result in enormous capital expenditure, as well as high monthly operational expenses.

FlowCentric Mining recognise these challenges and strive to remain leaders in the management of automated wastewater evaporation. Through ongoing research, development, and investment the company has developed cost-effective wastewater management methods that deliver outstanding results.

FlowCentric Mining partnered with key players in manufacturing, telecommunications, and information technology industries to develop fully automated mechanical evaporators which can be remotely controlled based on the water conditions of each client. Using connectivity and telemetry technology to measure ambient climate conditions (such as wind direction, temperature, rain, and humidity) the total system will automatically adjust to deliver the best evaporation results. The cost of this treatment requires 70-80% less capital expenditure than that of a traditional plant, while the operational expenses of FlowCentric Mining’s automated wastewater evaporation comes at a fraction of costs associated with traditional methods.

Dust Suppression

Air quality control acts around the world decree that mines must take reasonable measures to protect both the environment and their employees from the harmful effects of airborne dust.

The safety and health of employees is the number one concern of executives in complex industries like mining, construction, and manufacturing. FlowCentric Mining develop and install leading technologies for the measurement of dust particles, the management of airborne dust through dust palliatives, dry misting systems, and dust suppression cannons.

Road dust, crushing plants, tailing dams, and manufacturing plants all contribute to the dust emissions on a mine site. Managing airborne dust can be labour intensive as dust levels need to be measured continuously and if the limits are breached, production must stop until remedial action is taken. These production halts result in lost time, lost profit, and often reputational damage.

FlowCentric Mining delivers solutions designed to monitor airborne dust levels in real-time, allowing organisations to take preventative action before levels are too high, rather than corrective actions after a breach.

FlowCentric Mining combines the power of IoT with dust readers, to deliver a real-time alert system designed to keep management informed so that they can take the appropriate actions as needed, such as remotely switching on dust cannons, misting rings, or dry misting curtains. FlowCentric Mining can also supply sensors to track vehicle movements on dumpsites, thereby allowing personnel to activate the correct equipment required to suppress the dust before it contaminates the air.

FlowCentric Mining is the right partner for any organisation intent on managing its air quality, evaporating its wastewater, and controlling the dust created by roads, dumpsites, tailing dams, crushing plants, and manufacturing plants.