Spontaneous combustion presents a significant threat to the global mining sector, especially in coal mines, where the interaction between coal and oxygen triggers the oxidation process, generating heat. When the dissipation rate of this heat is slower than its evolution, the temperature within coal piles can eventually reach the ignition point, leading to devastating fires.

These fires not only result in financial losses due to depleted coal stocks but also endanger infrastructure, the environment, human lives, and property.

Most coal mines employ the compaction and soil cladding method to contain and prevent spontaneous combustion. While this method achieves moderate success, it is not without challenges. It is an expensive and demanding approach associated with substantial risks. The availability of soil for cladding, transportation costs, and labour intensity amount to billions for mines.

The continuous problems and energy required to maintain the dumps and effective areas, particularly during the rainy season when soil erosion and sloughing occur, render this method unsustainable.

FlowCentric Heatshield TM

The Ultimate Solution for Spontaneous Combustion in Mining

FlowCentric Heatshield TM is a long-term solution specifically designed to tackle the enduring challenges of self-heating and spontaneous combustion.

The ground-breaking innovation offers proactive and reactive treatment methods to combat spontaneous combustion.

  • In the Proactive Treatment Stage, Heatshield is applied before the oxidation process begins, effectively preventing the accumulation of heat and gases that could potentially lead to ignition.
  • In the Reactive Treatment Stage, where coal oxidation has already commenced and the environment is on the verge of ignition, Heatshield can be applied to impede and extinguish the combustion.

What sets Heatshield apart from traditional management methods is its unique capability to form a flexible layer that seals the coal off from oxygen without damaging the coal.

This innovative approach not only effectively suppresses existing fires but also prevents further ignition, providing a sustainable solution to mitigate the oxidation process and reduce long-term fire hazards.

Watch FlowCentric Heatshield in action, from application to cooling.

By preventing coal from undergoing spontaneous combustion, FlowCentric Heatshield not only helps to preserve coal resources, it helps minimise the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, supporting efforts to combat climate change and improve air quality.

Application and Maintenance Services

At FlowCentric Mining, our commitment extends beyond delivering a product. Our team adheres to well-defined operating procedures to assess the type and intensity of coal combustion and associated risks. This enables us to determine the most suitable application methodology, materials, equipment, and resources needed to effectively minimise and eliminate the impact of such incidents.

We prioritise the safe and efficient delivery of our product to affected zones. Our service delivery model ensures that all necessary equipment and resources are deployed to facilitate optimal treatment while maintaining the utmost safety for all personnel.

The treatment process involves an initial application of Heatshield followed by an assessment and secondary application on flare-ups and hot spots. By creating a sealed environment that isolates the affected zone from generated heat and deprives it of oxygen, Heatshield effectively controls and eliminates the fire hazard.

The Advantages of FlowCentric Heatshield

  • Reduces temperature rapidly: After Heatshield is applied to the affected area, the temperature quickly lowers.
  • Protects coal from oxygen and moisture: Heatshield creates a seal that prevents the entry of oxygen and moisture, safeguarding the coal.
  • Creates a flexible sealing layer: Heatshield has the remarkable ability to form a flexible layer that solidifies within minutes and remains intact, even in rainy conditions.
  • Doesn’t harm the coal: Heatshield has been carefully formulated to ensure it does not negatively affect the coal.
  • Long-lasting effectiveness: Heatshield provides a durable solution that maintains its efficacy long after application.
  • Environmentally friendly: We prioritize environmental stewardship and have developed Heatshield with eco-friendliness in mind.
  • Safe handling: Heatshield has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the safety of personnel during its application.
  • User-friendly: Heatshield is easy to mix, transport, store, and apply, making it a practical and efficient solution for mining operations worldwide.

Heatshield provides a long-term and reliable approach to control and prevent the self-heating and spontaneous combustion of coal.

Catering to an International Market

Our turn-key solutions are designed and constructed in South Africa, then shipped to our clients along with detailed operational instructions. This approach offers solutions to the spontaneous combustion challenges faced by industries worldwide.

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