Rhino Mechanical Evaporation Cannons and Services

Our Rhino mechanical evaporation cannons, also known as misting cannons, are designed to assist with the dewatering of wastewater on mines. With our misting cannons evaporation is accelerated, delivering faster results than traditional pond evaporation. Our mechanical evaporation technology offers the additional benefit of eliminating the need for additional expensive and environmentally damaging high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lined dams, resulting in significant cost savings.

We strive to improve and innovate, continuously engineering and developing the Rhino range to meet growing demand. We prioritise cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability for our clients, ensuring that every project is customised to meet their unique needs. Additionally, we can quote, manufacture, and deliver durable mechanical evaporators faster than many other suppliers.

Our Process

Our team begin with a detailed site and water quality analysis to determine the appropriate equipment specifications for each project and customise the machines accordingly. Our cannons can process severely aggressive water with PH factors ranging from 2 (acidic) to 11 (alkaline), making our machines the ideal tools for a variety of projects.

Scientific Approach

Evaporation differs from region to region; therefore, we introduced a measuring system that considers all external factors including temperature, wind speed, humidity, and more. This system is important to us as each of these factors have an influence on droplets during the evaporation process. Our engineering and sales team use this data to determine the correct scaling of a project to accommodate for the flow inlet, allowing our customers to accurately forecast and budget.

Operating Capabilities

Our trailer-mounted Rhinos are designed for easy installation and mobility between sites, providing versatility and effectiveness in mine dewatering.

The machines typically operate for between 10 to 12 hours every day and require minimal maintenance as each machine is designed to specification. Parts are locally manufactured, improving the turnaround time on any repairs or replacements.

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