Remote Dust Monitoring Systems

Factors such as wind, temperature, relative humidity, and airborne particle count can significantly affect operations at construction sites, mining operations, or bulk handling facilities.

Our dust monitoring devices use sensors to measure and track these critical factors. The complete solution harnesses the power of cloud storage and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide authorised personnel with real-time insights through a user-friendly web dashboard.

The dashboard can be securely accessed from any computer or smart device, while customisable alerts send personnel SMS or email notifications if there are any critical events detected. Additionally, an onboard GPS sends the exact location of the unit, allowing personnel to precisely locate an issue when and where it occurs.

The dashboard sports an expandable live feed that provides detailed information on conditions such as:

  • dust sensing (PM2.5 and PM10),
  • wind speed and direction,
  • temperature and relative humidity.

Records are stored on the system for 6 months, and the system allows personnel to download and keep records of the reports. This information can be used to ensure that operations comply with the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 and provides critical evidence if it is needed in the future.

Remote Dust Monitoring Dashboard

Remote Dust Monitoring Dashboard

Benefits of Remote Dust Monitoring Systems

Our remote dust monitoring systems are beneficial for several reasons:

  • Compliance: They allow organisations to monitor and track dust levels in real-time, ensuring compliance with local and national regulations on air quality.
  • Safety: They help to identify potentially hazardous dust levels allowing personnel to take action to protect workers and nearby communities from exposure to dangerous dust particles.
  • Efficiency: They allow organisations to optimise dust control measures, such as water volume and spray patterns, to minimise dust emissions while still meeting production goals.
  • Cost savings: They can help organisations reduce costs by identifying sources of dust and implementing effective dust control measures.
  • Data: They can provide valuable data on dust levels over time, which can be used for research and development, to improve dust control methods.
  • Durable: They are robust and able to tolerate the diverse conditions associated with industrial sites. The units can be bolted to the ground to prevent theft, and all technology components are securely housed inside a solid steel casing.
  • Adaptable: They can be customised to run on conventional power, battery power, or solar power, depending on the site’s requirements.

Overall, our remote dust monitoring systems are key tools to ensuring a safe and sustainable work environment, while ensuring compliance with regulations, and improving efficiency and cost savings.

We Cater To An International Market

Our dust monitoring systems are designed and built in South Africa, then shipped to our clients along with detailed assembly and use instructions. Offering cost-effective solutions to industries around the world.

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