FlowCentric Mining Technology Introduces Heatshield: A Breakthrough Solution for Spontaneous Combustion in the Mining Sector

FlowCentric Mining Technology, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the mining industry, is delighted to announce the launch of FlowCentric Heatshield TM, a ground-breaking product designed to tackle the persistent and hazardous issue of spontaneous combustion in mining operations.

“We are excited to introduce our latest product, FlowCentric Heatshield, to the mining sector as a game-changing solution for combatting spontaneous combustion,” said Jacques Wessels, CEO of FlowCentric Mining Technology.

Spontaneous combustion poses a significant challenge to the global mining sector, especially in coal mines, explained Wessels. The oxidation process generates heat when coal comes into contact with oxygen. If the dissipation rate is slower than the heat evolution, the temperature within the coal pile can rise to the ignition point, resulting in fires.

“These fires not only lead to financial losses due to coal stock depletion but also present substantial risks to infrastructure, the environment, human lives, and property,” Wessels highlighted.

“With the launch of FlowCentric Heatshield, we anticipate swift adoption and substantial improvements in fire prevention and control measures within the mining industry.”

Heatshield offers proactive and reactive treatment methods to address spontaneous combustion. In the proactive treatment stage, Heatshield is applied before the onset of the oxidation process, preventing the accumulation of heat and gases that can cause ignition. In the reactive treatment stage, when coal oxidation has already begun and the environment is heated to the point of ignition, Heatshield can be applied to slow down and extinguish the combustion.

Unlike conventional management methods, Heatshield takes a unique approach by creating a flexible layer that seals off the coal from oxygen without damaging to the coal. This process effectively suffocates existing fires and prevents further ignition, providing a sustainable solution to prevent the oxidation process and reduce fire hazards in the future.

Application and Control Services

FlowCentric Mining not only offers the Heatshield product but also provides comprehensive services to address the control and prevention of combustion. By following well-defined operating procedures, their team identifies the type and intensity of coal combustion and the associated risks. This enables them to determine the most suitable application methodology, materials, equipment, and resources required to effectively reduce and eliminate the impact of such incidents.

FlowCentric Mining prioritises the safe and efficient delivery of the product to affected areas through its service delivery model. Their deployment methodology includes all the necessary equipment and resources to ensure optimal treatment without compromising the safety of personnel involved in the process.

The treatment process involves repeated application of Heatshield over 1 to 2 days until the fire is extinguished. By sealing the affected area from generated heat and depriving it of oxygen, Heatshield effectively controls and eliminates the fire hazard. In cases where additional combustion control is required, problem areas are identified and cooled using specific combustion control chemicals to enhance heat resistance. Heatshield is then reapplied until the fire is fully under control.

Available Globally

Heatshield can be prepared on-site or pre-mixed in South Africa and transported to the desired location in containers. The product retains its liquid form, offering a shelf life of up to two months from the blending stage at the production plant. If necessary, it can also be stored in storage tanks for an extended period.

FlowCentric Mining Technology remains committed to driving innovation and providing sustainable solutions to the mining industry. With the introduction of Heatshield, the company aims to revolutionise the management and prevention of spontaneous combustion, ensuring the safety and productivity of mining operations worldwide.

For more information about FlowCentric Heatshield and its applications in the mining industry, please visit FlowCentric Heatshield.