Importance of Dust Suppression for the Mining Sector

Dust is the unwanted side effect of operations from mining and working with earth materials. We cannot prevent it or remove it, as it occurs naturally when you begin the process of removing top soil layers from the earth.

Dust is a problem and has become such a huge risk for mining companies, as the government has introduced regulations forcing companies to deal with the risks that dust brings to the work place.

The people on the ground are the most vulnerable as they are easily exposed to the dust. Dust can lead to lung and other breathing related illnesses when a person is exposed to such an environment for even a short period of time.

Other risks include limited visibility on the work site that increase the risk of accidents and possible loss of life for the workers on the ground.

In a blasting operation the dust becomes more confined and harder to control. Several basic solutions are available to resolve these. FlowCentric Mining and their innovative engineering team have developed processes and eco-friendly chemicals to solve these problems and offer environmentally safe options for dealing with the dust daemon.

Most suppression techniques involve water and chemical applications. Many of these are not environmentally friendly. Using products that will harm the ecosystem around the mine and possibly contaminate the groundwater supply that many communities rely on for a fresh drinking water source is unwise. Many of the mine employees are living in these communities and are therefore affected by the pollutant and destructive products used in the production areas.

Our RoadTech product offers an environmentally friendly, low water consumption model that will benefit the company, its people, communities and the environment.

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